My apologies for having nothing new to report in the last two weeks. The big news so far is that the wife and I finally received our stimulus check from the government, and like good American consumers we went out and bought an X-Box 360 and the game Rock Band. As you can imagine, we have done much of anything else for a few days.

My show has one more week, so if you are in the area please come on down to Gallery 37 on Randolph and check it out. If this play has taught me anything, it is that I am not a young man anymore, and that doing something as simple as a shoulder roll now requires a hell of a lot of prep time. I’ve been sore all over for about a month now.

Hellboy II opened this weekend, and we’re gonna check it out tomorrow. As much fun as I expect it to be, it is merely an appetizer before next Friday’s main course: The Dark Knight. We will be at the Imax on Navy Pier at midnight to behold the awesomeness.

Aside from those little batches of fun, things are in a holding pattern. School doesn’t start for another six weeks or so (if at all — financial aid is being difficult) and while I may have another theatre project coming up over the horizon it is not definite enough yet to go into detail.

It’s still early in the morning, so I’m gonna go try and slog through the last few chapters of Richard K. Morgan’s Thirteen. It was at the top of a few Sci-Fi/Fantasy lists last year. I can’t figure out why. It better have a hell of an ending.