We’ve received quite the positive reaction from the critics. A small sampling:

“It’s ‘Kill Bill’ on the high seas, and it’s a blast.” — Chicago Tribune

“[Director and fight choreographer Geoff] Coates takes a visceral, ultrarealistic approach to staging the violence so that it seems both surprising and remarkably immediate.” — Time Out Chicago

“Sometimes playful and sometimes gripping, Bloody Bess combines brains with brawn—it’s exciting enough to make even the most jaded viewer go ‘Arrrr!'” — Chicago Reader

“. . . the spectacle-driven narrative (enhanced by Tom Haigh’s original music, invoking vistas of limitless adventure) delivers thrilling martial exhibitions showcasing the multicultural composition of the bandit privateers.” — Windy City Times

“The highlight is the fight choreography done with real swords brandished with delicious malice.” — Centerstage

“The ensemble displays their machismo and their fighting skills. The gusto of this play dominates. It is light hearted and spirited.” — ChicagoCritic

And if that isn’t reason enough to come see the show, then check this out:

Photo by Johnny Knight

Yeah, that’s me. What? I don’t see the problem.