The Richard Dawkins Foundation’s parody of the upcoming Ben Stein movie Expelled:

“Stork Theory”! Hee!

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  1. Whee…

    What baffles me is why ID supporters want to subject their faith to the cold, earthly scrutiny of science. Apparently Faith isn’t enough for them…they want to subject it to the microscope.

    So what the hell…let’s DO this thing. Let’s have full-on, no holds barred class discussions about the scientific validity of all religious belief from virgin births to raising from the dead to transubstantiation…we’ll pry open a rat that just ate sanctified bread. Bring it on. I’m starting to LIKE this idea. You want to have a robust, all inclusive theological discussion in the classroom for little Johnny’s development? Okay! Let’s do it! I’ll bring the Qur’an, you bring the Kama Sutra, Billy can bring the bible, and Heather can bring the Talmud. I’m excited about this. Thank you ID for opening this door. This can be nothing but good for making a better, more pluralistic and secular nation.

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