She Did NOT Just Say That! &#8212 Part III

She Did NOT Just Say That! &#8212 Part III

State Representative Monique Davis has apologized to Rob Sherman for her attack on him last week. According to the article, Rep. Davis blamed her outburst on having just learned of another student death at Chicago Public Schools. Such news is indeed upsetting; the number of Chicago students killed in gang violence this year is reaching a level difficult to believe. I suspect, however, that she revealed her true feelings about atheism in her tirade. While it was right for you to apologize, Rep. Davis, don’t try to cover it with a lame excuse. You went off because for some reason you feel threatened by atheists. It is the typical response of the ignorant person: Attack that which you do not understand.

How sad for you. And how sad for Illinois.

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2 responses to “She Did NOT Just Say That! &#8212 Part III”

  1. The only way she can get out of this is if she creates a National Hug An Atheist day…or better yet, National Give An Atheist Twenty Bucks Day.

  2. Seriously, though. I think this is ultimately a good thing…not only did she bring discrimination of Non Religious into the mainstream media (You say Olberman featured her?), she was given enough pressure to apologize. Not bad for a week’s work.

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