If you’re anything like me, you find that the less stuff you have to do, the less stuff you are willing to do. Since I got laid off a week and a half ago I have found it increasingly difficult to get off my ass and actually get things accomplished. I have managed to spend some time every day combing the want ads and sending out résumés. In the first couple of days I got some cleaning done. I worked out a little. But every day I find myself waiting a little longer to do necessary things like take a shower. I have not been eating well, nor have I called any of my friends who are available during the day, because I am absolutely paranoid about spending money until I have another job.

And, obviously, I have been neglecting this blog. It’s not like there’s nothing to write about. I’m just having difficulty making myself sit the hell down and do it when just a few feet away there is a TV, a DVD player and a big-ass bowl of M&Ms. My Weekly Weigh-In on Monday is gonna be embarrassing.

On the plus side, at least now I’m aware of my inherent laziness. I can see it in action, so to speak, and I can work to counteract it. There was a time, maybe ten years ago, when I would have reveled in this. I’d have rolled around in my laziness like a dog in a pile of garbage. Now I look at all this free time in front of me and I feel guilty. I need to fill it with something useful, and soon.