I can’t believe it took me so long to comment on it, but here ya go:

The New York Daily News held a contest to name that play where Eli Manning escaped an intense pass rush and then lofted a pass which David Tyree caught by pinning the ball to his helmet as he fell to the ground. The winner was “Catch 42,” a reference to it taking place during the forty-second Super Bowl. However, I found out about the contest too late to enter my own suggestion, which is almost too awesome to express in a mere blog:

The Spear and Magic Helmet

Get it? From that Bugs Bunny cartoon? With Elmer Fudd? The opera? Wagner?

Eh, screw you guys. It’s awesome. Don’t deny it.

Anyway, I was disappointed, because I wanted the Patriots to make the ’72 Dolphins sit down and shut the hell up. Now we’ve gotta hear about these douchebags and their annual champagne toasts until they’re all dead. But the game itself, particularly the fourth quarter, was so good that I cannot in any way complain. And that catch, the Spear and Magic Helmet, was incredible. When it happened, all of us watching just sat at the edge of our seats with our jaws hanging open. I think we knew then just how the game was going to end. So, congrats to the Giants; they earned it.

On the plus side, the Patriots’ loss leaves the window open for the Bears to be the first team to go 19-0. Bear Down!