I find myself in a pickle.

I have a MySpace account (a few, actually, if you count the fake ones for the fake bands I and a friend of mine made up and pretend to promote). However, it turns out that the Powers That Be over at MySpace are religious bigots. The forum “Atheist and Agnostic Group” was deleted by MySpace in response to a campaign by Christians on the site. MySpace deleted the group for the first time two years ago, but reinstated it. For some reason they did it again at the beginning of the month, and now they refuse to bring it back. Contrast that with MySpace’s response to the hacking of the largest Christian group on the site: MySpace Founder Tom Anderson personally restored the group, and promised to protect it from future deletions. I suppose this shouldn’t be a huge surprise, since Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace back in 2005.

Here’s the thing: I like my MySpace profile. I tracked down people I haven’t spoken to in years through it. I like the fact that it is customizable. I like being able to spread the word about upcoming theater projects and whatnot. But I cannot help but view this as an attack on my freedom of speech and religion. I might have to delete my account, just out of principle.

PZ Myers and New Humanist are also asking what the proper response should be. I’m certainly open to suggestions.