I read this article yesterday, and I discovered that I should try to post to my blog three to five times a week. This news just reinforces the fact that I am a lazy, lazy writer. But in keeping with the spirit, here I am anyway.

I’m sick. Again.

Oh, crap. See, that article said I’m supposed to stay positive. That wasn’t a very good start. Let me try again.

I’m in tech.

That’s a little better.

Last night the show I’m in, Journey’s End by RC Sherriff, moved into its space at the Theatre Building on Belmont. I’ve never done a show there before, but I’ve always wanted to. Our theater is a big black box that demands a great deal of vocal effort. Our set is amazing. The lights look awesome. I can’t wait for people to come see this thing.

As I said, we are in tech. For actors, tech is a fairly dull part of the process. There is a great deal of standing around feeling useless while people whose talents we will never comprehend say indecipherable things to each other. The actors’ main job during tech is to stay out of the way, but be ready to jump on stage at a moment’s notice. The process is painstaking and tedious, but only because the designers take their jobs seriously. The end result is that I look and sound good on stage.

I am also sick. I have a lovely chest cold that settled in last night. It is my third serious cold in six weeks, which concerns me a bit. My chest makes a lovely faint rattling noise when I talk, and my voice has never been deeper, when I have a voice at all. I did not want to burn a sick day at work so early in the year, but I really had no choice. I don’t get sick days from the show. I really do have to be there.

We get our first audience on Saturday. That should give me enough time to get my voice back. In the meantime I’ll just have to find a comfy corner of the theater in which to hunker down until I’m needed.