I Wasn’t Gonna Vote For the Guy Anyway…

I Wasn’t Gonna Vote For the Guy Anyway…

… because Ron Paul wants to get rid of, among other things, the IRS and the Department of Education. Now, I’m certainly for coming up with a more efficient way of paying my taxes, but I still expect all of us to pay our share. And the Department of Education? What the hell? I will never comprehend how it is possible that anyone in this country thinks education is a bad idea — unless, of course, they have a reason for wanting the populace to be uneducated. But surely our modern statesmen are above such sinister agendas?

Then again, old Ronnie P. has issues. I saw this guy for the first time a few months ago on The Colbert Report, and he kinda creeped me out. He looks like a cross between Ian McKellin and that guy who ran the Heaven’s Gate cult. And now I read this crazy shit. Salman Rushdie deserves the same treatment as Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel? One should carry an unregistered firearm to defend one’s self against “urban youth”? Homosexuals “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick”?

Ron Paul is a sad, hateful man.

[Thanks to Pharyngula for leading me to this article.]

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6 responses to “I Wasn’t Gonna Vote For the Guy Anyway…”

  1. Dan Telfer says:

    Holy shit! That’s big news. Fuck that dude.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    Wow, I feel icky after reading that. Now let’s just say that he didn’t write that stuff and was ignorant to it being in his newsletters, and that he does get elected (this is all very hypothetical). Imagine, if you dare, the kinds of things that would manage to “slip by him” if he were president. That kind of “ignorance” is plaguing the White House in the current administration, just think of what this guy and his cronies would do. Yikes.

  3. *shiver* That’s a creepy scenario.

    Until I heard about Ron Paul’s unAmerican philosophies, I felt like there were no candidates I truly feared this time around. I kinda hated Ron Paul’s health care ideas…but ever since reading how he regards his fellow countrymen, I kinda hate Ron Paul.

  4. Clayton says:

    I never liked this guy

    especially after all those goof balls gave him money. Silly America

    If Ron Paul offers you purple Kool-Aid (Or any color) DO NOT TAKE IT!!

    It Poison!

  5. Here’s a consideration…my brother in law believes this has the smell of a smear campaign. It has the identical mark of stuff Rove did to candidates before: outrageous statements made by the candidate that seem like they could be true, and by the time everything is cleared up, it’s too late. The votes have been cast. And it happened right before the Michigan Primary where Paul had some pretty good support.

    Plus there was that whole stupid Bush Memo thing that turned out to be forged…or did it.

    So, on second though…I suppose one ought to regard these things with a dose of suspicion and look into it a bit more. I don’t wanna get Roved again.

  6. Christopher says:

    The timing is convenient, certainly, but I don’t see how he could “clear it up.” Those links all go to PDFs of the original documents to which Ron Paul signed his name. Whether he actually wrote it or not doesn’t matter; adding his name was an endorsement of the content.

    And while he does want to end the Iraq war, he also really did say he wants to get rid of the IRS, Department of Education, and many, many other bureaus, offices and projects. He’s like one step removed from an anarchist. What a weird guy.

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