I have a mustache. It is truly awful.

I had to grow it for this show I’m working on. It’s not the first time I’ve had to alter my facial hair for a show. I’ve grown big bushy beards and sharp, sinister goatees. I even shaved my whole head once. But this is the first time I’ve looked in a mirror and did not recognize the person staring back at me. I am uncomfortable in my own skin. I keeping thinking people are staring at me when I’m not looking. It’s physically disorienting. Yesterday I left the house without my keys and didn’t know it until I got to work and found an e-mail from my wife telling me to meet her on my way home so I can pick them up. I must not have even thought about locking the door behind me when I left.

Everyone assures me that the mustache looks all right. I think they are just being nice, because they can see the haunted look in my eyes. I’ve got two more months with this thing. I hope I make it.

Oh, and Happy New Year. Did you have a nice holiday? I barely noticed mine.