I got two tickets to see Ministry for Mandy’s birthday. They’re playing the House of Blues on May 8th. To be fair, the tickets are a present to myself as much as a present for Mandy. But I think she appreciates them, just the same. At the time that I bought the tickets, the 8th was the final show on the North American leg of the band’s farewell tour, but after it sold out they added a second show for the next night. Oh well.

Anyway, I wrote about it in a little more detail over at Metroblogging Chicago. Please stop by there and check it out, along with the other articles and writers who contribute to the site.

Also, coming soon to Metroblogging Chicago, my interview with local author, actor, director, and spoiler of women, David Blixt! Stay tuned!

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2 responses to “Ministry”

  1. Your first date with Mandy was a Thrill Kill Cult concert. That’s beyond cool. Listening to them must bring back the good old days of swine, and roses.

  2. David Blixt says:

    My wife asked if you meant “despoiler of women” and I insisted upon spoiler. I like it. I spoil women, ruin them for other men.

    Heh. Like milk.

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