The Windy City Times ran a great review of Chalk. I can only assume the reviewer did not come on opening weekend, when we were still working out a lot of kinks. Last weekend, however, we really started to hit our stride. I’ve worked on shows that just deflated after lackluster openings. These guys at The Right Brain Project, however, have such chemistry and enthusiasm that you just want to push that much harder to get it right. I can’t wait to see what next weekend looks like.

I feel like the reviewers who checked out Chalk on our opening weekend were stuck watching what amounted to final tech/dress rehearsals, and the reviews certainly reflected this. We were not outright panned, but we received no raves either. (Although the Chicago Reader did point out our “above-average stage combat”, which always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.)

Every review mentioned the restrictions of our performance space, and I would like to add that such criticism is truer than the reviewers know. We had limited access to the theater throughout the rehearsal process, and time from each rehearsal had to be allotted for striking the set each night, since the space was used for other purposes during the day. It basically looks like an oversize classroom. I have to hand it to our designers, who did some amazing stuff with lights and sound to overcome the room’s inadequacies. There’s this one scene done with shadows, while this one song plays… but I don’t want to ruin it for you. I really hope I can get a recording of the soundtrack one of these days, since the music is incredible.

Chalk runs for three more weeks — that’s only twelve performances! Don’t miss out!