The big criticism I hear about the New Wave of atheism is that we’re all so damn angry. I had not noticed this myself, but maybe it’s because I’m on the inside looking out. The prominent atheists I see on television don’t seem particularly angry. Richard Dawkins comes across as pleasantly English, and Christopher Hitchens appears drunk and belligerent, but in a fun way. (I’m not saying he is drunk. But he does, on occasion, come across that way.) But I wouldn’t describe it as angry.

Then I read Atheists and Anger on Greta Christina’s Blog. I found it through a link on Pharyngula. Turns out, we atheists have a lot to be angry about.

I recommend the article because it is a list that should ring true not just for atheists, but really anyone who lays claim to rational, progressive thinking. I subscribed to the blog’s feed, as well, because Greta Christina seems like one fascinating individual. Check it out.