The Hound of the Baskervilles is winding down. We close Sunday. The run went very well. We had no bad houses, and a few great ones. And I got the hook-up for Chalk, which is in full swing right now. Combat rehearsals start tonight — I’m very excited about that, as you can imagine. We move into the performance space downtown next week.

I had my final check-in with the cast of Emma last Saturday. That show is shaping up nicely. The fights are in good shape, and what I’ve seen of the rest of the show looks interesting. The cast is talented and enthusiastic, which helps. Emma opens next week. I hope I’ll get a chance to see it.

My writing class is a hell of a lot of fun. We’re over half-way through, now. I wish I hadn’t taken on as many theatre gigs right now, because they’ve severely restricted the time I have for writing. But I’ve gotten a lot out of the class, and I love just being in a room and talking with a group of people who are interested in writing and reading the same stuff as me.

My schedule has left little time for watching football, or any television at all. I did catch the last quarter of the Bears-Packers game on Sunday (Huzzah!) and the last couple minutes of the Bills-Cowboys game last night (Boo!).

In other television news, I am so happy that Friday Night Lights is back on. Being back with the Taylor family and seeing Grandma Saracen is like curling up under a warm blanket. I’m liking most of the developments so far, except for one. Those of you who watch the show will know what I mean. The show has earned the benefit of the doubt, though. I am very interested to see how it plays out. Oh, and the new Panthers coach is a dick. But in a totally awesome way.

In the meantime, the volume of work at my day job increased by an order of magnitude this week, and for some reason I also picked this week to try and quit drinking soda. We’ll see how it all goes.