Friends Don’t Let Friends Google Friends

Friends Don’t Let Friends Google Friends

There are these two guys.

The first guy is someone I knew a long time ago. I mean, like a quarter of a century ago. During my Star Wars/Lego/GI Joe years, this guy was my best friend. I probably haven’t seen him since 1984.

The other guy is slightly famous. He writes comic books. I don’t know when I first heard of him, but it was at least two or three years ago. I think I may even have read one of his books. I’ve certainly heard of the titles.

I discovered recently that these two people, one of whom I remembered from years ago, the other I was vaguely aware of as a noteworthy figure in the hallowed halls of nerd-dom, are in fact the same person. The comic book writer is known by a different name. Wikipedia supplied a couple other pieces of evidence that makes me certain of the ID.

It’s a weird thing. If I had come across, say, a MySpace page for my old friend, I would have instantly shot him a “Hey! Remember me? What’s up?” message. But now I feel weird about it. I mean, the guy has a freakin’ Wikipedia entry about him. I’ve read reviews of his work on Ain’t It Cool News. I can’t just try and contact him out of the blue now. I’ll look like a dick. Won’t I?

I’m genuinely curious. What, if anything, should I do here?

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5 responses to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Google Friends”

  1. Dan Telfer says:

    I would happily sit down with you and give you suggestions on what to say.

    I really think you should drop him a line.

  2. Totally. I’ll second the telfer.

  3. Neddie says:

    I had a similar pal who turned out to be a rather prominent Washington Post reporter. I just called him up at the Post one day. “Hey, Robert! It’s me! How you been doing?”

    He’s still the same guy I liked back then, and we got on famously. “Famous” people are (unless they’re buttholes) still just people.

    Just contact the guy. If he was a good friend, he’ll remember you fondly. The water that’s gone under the bridge is just that. No big deal.

  4. Christopher says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your advice. Contact has been made. It went great.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I really just wanted to gauge your reaction about the FNL premiere, but for the record — I’m glad the contact went well!! 🙂

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