I’ve got a few gigs coming up that I’d like to let you all know about. First up is The Hound of the Baskervilles at City Lit. We open this coming Monday, September 3, and run Fridays — Sundays through mid-October. It features the incomparable Don Bender as Sherlock Holmes, and my A Clockwork Orange compatriot Will Schutz Dr. Watson. I play Dr. Mortimer, who basically provides all of the exposition. Plus, there is fog. What more could you ask for?

I’ll be providing the fight choreography for Emma, by Howard Zinn. The show is directed by Kate Hendrickson and co-directed by my good friend Shane Oman for Trap Door Theatre. The play is about the anarchist Emma Goldman and features Trap Door’s Artistic Director Beata Pilch in the title role. This show will pose an interesting challenge for me as fight director, since there are going to be no actual props used on stage. However, the fights include weapons such as guns, knives, whips, and even a bowl of soup. Part of my job will be to show the audience that these weapons are in the characters’ hands, even though the actors will be holding nothing. Should be interesting. The show opens Thursday, October 18.

Then in November I start rehearsals for Journey’s End, by R.C. Sherriff. I’ll be back on stage for this one. It’s being produced by Griffin Theatre and directed by Jonathan Berry. We open in January.

See you on the night!