Hi. Been a while. Sorry.

Let me just get this out of the way real quick: Rex Grossman can hold onto my seventy dollars for a little while longer. At least until his next boo-boo makes him sit out another 80 percent of a season.

In the few weeks since my adventure in X-Treme Hardcore Novel Writing, not a whole lot has happened. If it had, I might have more to write about today. I am ashamed to say I have not really even begun my Christmas shopping this year. Mandy? She’s all done. Figures. And of course the weather this week has gone all Arctic, which will make the actual shopping oh so much fun.

There is one bit of interesting news: Mandy and I have joined in on a new business venture. We (and a handful of close friends) are starting a theater company. Now, we attempted this about six or seven years ago, with HILARIOUS results. Really. Friendships were destroyed. But last night we had our first meeting for the School of Night, wherein we outlined a business plan for 2006, and we accomplished more in those three hours than we did in six months’ worth of pointless meetings for the old Accidental Theatre Ensemble. I am still amazed at just how little we understood about what we were trying to do back then. This time, however, it’s very different. Everyone involved is a little older, a little more mature, and we all have some genuine experience to bring to the table. Mandy is providing her graphic design expertise, and I am applying my writing and research skills to grant-writing and development.

In the more immediate future, my good friends Dan and Vicky get married in less than two weeks, and I am hard at work composing sound words of wisdom and encouragement in my role as officiant. For those of you who are curious to know how an average schmoe like myself can be given the awesome power of joining two people in holy matrimony, more information can be found through these guys here.

Anyway, if I get something exciting to mention in the next week and a half I’ll post it here. If not, merry whatever and Happy New Year!